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About Deviant Artist SabiFemale/Unknown Recent Activity
Deviant for 12 Years
Needs Core Membership
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*Im a big fan of Loz*
I do Cute and colorful fantasy artwork & LOZ Mostly Zoras.
Im a big fan of Zoras from Legend of zelda* I love to draw
My most fav Zora from TP as my version of Adult Prince/Ralis,
& Princess Ruto.♡
I Do have other characters in my artwork gallery aswell.
I am just addicted to do my Adult version of Ralis for now
& my own fan zora characters ♥

-My Chibidoll Req closed - since i started,everyone now does it-


Me As TP Zora In Tradtional Version Potrait by RutogirlHaiyo my name is Sabi,
but sometimes I am called for ( IzumiWakarana☆)
I am known as Rutogirl here on DeviantArt.
I am a person who Love to draw and is very creative.
To create stuff is my passion, and to help animals and people is what I do.
My first time to draw was when I was very young.My sis was my inspiration as child when it came to drawing art. I am also self taught,so I dont go in any art school.
My zodiac sign is Aquarius, and in chinese Horse.
*My Favourite colors is : Rainbow,turquoise blue,Purple, Neon colors.
*Deviant since Jul 12, 2004 Have been here now in 12 Years*
I have always had this old username ''Rutogirl'' since I started my old Deviant acc for 12 years ago.That is because Ocarina Of Time for the N64 was the first zelda game I played and Princess Ruto was my childhood fav zora character,so it is how my username come to be. The ''girl''part itself was just added.
Since then I haven't change the name, and Im going to keep it still.
Contact me on my email.
ask me about it,if its important.
Loves~Likes: :love:

*Drawing Digital Art/Traditional.
*Nice & Honest people.
*People with good heart.
*People who speak True.
*Art Trades.
*Gifts from others people.
* fantasy, dragons,Fairies,Ect, magical things.
*Beautiful Nature,Ocean,.
*People who is kind to animals and understand them.
*Glowing things.
*colorful & rainbow art.
*beutiful things.
*Trance Music & Various music.
*Water Creatures: mermaids,all kind of ocean animals,and other water creatures.
*Favorite Race from LOZ- Zoras.
Dislikes: :bleh:
*Hateful rude ppl.
*blood and Gore Mature stuff.
*war & anything that kills.
*human&animal abuse.
*swearing,and liers.
* People who doesnt respect other people, Nature , animals.
*People who talk behind your back and talk stuff wich is untrue.
*people who is false.
*Favourite style of art: cute, Anime and beautiful Art style.
fav Artist - Kagaya & my sis :iconnorngirl:


Keychain pixel chibis
Im Starting a Point Commision of my Keychain Pixels!
The Pixel keychain character cost 400 DA Points.

Here is some examples of my pixel chibi keychains.
All displayed here is just based on Zora species from Legend of zelda for the moment.

The first and second peach colored one is of the same character and is my own zora fan-character.
The orange one belongs to my sis :iconnorngirl: and is her zora-fan character - Got her permission to display it here!


If you decided to commision me for a Pixel character,please do send a NOTE
That way it is easier for me to keep track on people as well keep the contact.

You have to send me first points. Once I recive them, Then I will be able to start to make  your pixel chibi keychain right away.
The wait time should not be long,but it depends on the details on the character as I do all pixel by hand.

I will do Just one character per paying points.That means you only get to choose one character to become a pixel keychain. If you like my pixels and want another character pixel keychain, you are welcome to commision me again for the same price after I have done the first for you,of course. For now,I only do single characters,not couples or more character in one keychain. 

Just note that the heart symbol will be allways there and won't be removed.
But you can allways tell what color you want on the color edges around the character,like my sister wanted blue for her zora character. Please keep in mind that I need clear,good ref for the choosen character!
One single picture won't help! many more with different angles helps a lot!
Personality and general info about the character do help a lot,too!
 That is how I determine the pose for it and cannot be requested because I do not want people to tell me a pose that I am maybe unable to do right. However,you can give suggestions what trait may define the character the most,sort of like what is typical for the character.
My sister said she is a self confident and know she is pretty kind of type,so the 
pose was set to be more to a smexy standing/walk (as a example).

I can do both own original created creation/characters and fanmade ones.

I will NOT do any Demons,dark themed stuff,blood,gore,horror,abuse stuff,sexuality and fetish themes.

Also,Do NOT post up the picture into your'e own Deviant Art Gallery,Thanks!
There is no point to keep a image in your'e gallery when Im still around - I made the picture afterall and
posting it into your'e own is just confussing people.

Please do NOT DAWatch me just because of the commision, Watch me only if you really like my art and want to give me feedback,not just faving and run,thanks!

 you are allowed to use it on your DeviantArt journal and on your'e profile page by using :thumb: 
to set it on your'e desired section of your'e Journal or Profile page - As long you credit it was from me and do not claim it to be your'se,Thanks.

Once Im done with the pixel keychain chibi for you,
I will send you a link of the finished keychain pixel of your'e character on your'e  note,but if you do not respond to it, I will send it as well on your'e profile page. 

I highly would appreciate if you could leave a comment feedback On the artwork itself once Im done with the pixel keychain for you,rather than leaving a Fav only!  Leaving a Fav and commenting at the same time is of course allright. I do not find Spamm fav and run as a way of gratitude,It dosn't tell in a specific way what you liked about it.



Rutogirl has started a donation pool!
0 / 4,000
need core for 1 year and for future commissions, I am greatful for any points given, Thank you very much! :hug:

You must be logged in to donate.
No one has donated yet. Be the first!
I have been thinking lately on things and it seem not getting so well as I hoped for...

I started request in hope for making people happy and as well
try and see if I have improved and to try new things I don't usualy draw.
I started make a topic if anyone was interessted in making Art Trades but no one replied.
As soon I made a new topic about request lots of people boomed in - wich amazed me,but it also made me a bit sad.

I accepted the request and started drawing them,but allready then I felt some didn't seem to care much. I finished and started now to color the requests and again people showed like they didn't care. I wanted to make people happy,but it seems it wasn't enough.
Some people have already shown they don't care and now I start to wonder if
I want to continue color on something people do not care about.

When I do this request for people and art in general, I take all my time and effort in them.
For this Request I even ripped out paper from my art block so I could draw each request traditionaly, photograph it and try color it digitaly as much I can and whenever I have time.
I allready have lots of difficulties with my heavy asthma (have to take every weekend emergecy medicine when I barely can breath) as well I have now and then in my left eye I get painfull migrain (along with real life) that reduce time for me to be on my computer and halts the progress of the pictures.

If you are one of the few who really are honestly interessted in getting your'e request colored,then I want that you show with your heart and leave a comment in this journal.

I am allready tired of trying to go to each person and leave a notice about theyre picture is done,
only to get ignored (I have had this case several times now - nothing is saddening that a person want you to make something for them,you show if it is to theyre liking and they seem to like it at first,only to later when you show the finished work,they ignore you and let days go by and not leting you know if they ever saw it or even want to leave a comment at all,but go right away to other people who made request art for them in a instant)..

This have left me feeling less and less willing to continue to finnish of the other color progress on the requests. I am truly sorry but I am going to cancel the request. Only if anyone is truly wanted
theyre picture in color and really meant they loved it and was looking forward to it I will do an exception. I find no use in taking my time,heart& soul and effort in art that people will only have as a collection picture for fame and nothing more,not even may like it.

I am really interessted if anyone is wanting theyre picture done in color or it's just nothing.

Please let me know!

Thank you for understanding..

Two who haven't seen theyre request and I asked but got no feedback if they where interessted in the request (would be nice if you could leave a comment on the pic) :

:iconkillerbunnymuna: ::Bunny Muna Request:: by Rutogirl
:iconbumblebeegirl15: ::The Twin Sisters Ilana and Imala  Request:: by Rutogirl

People's Request are done but in color progress - PLEASE DO TELL IF YOU CARE (and not only like a half hearted reply to get the picture,I really want honest people who do care and love my art and was looking forward to it.)

:iconflowering-yaksha: :iconaltairsky: :iconcrazylizcreation: :iconsprite-genius: :iconobelis: :iconroyal-breeze: :iconfriendlypineapple: :iconcolbyjack20:

People who wanted request but I added them as extra and would start as soon Im done with the first batch - Will ask the same - Im going only to do it if you really care - will otheriwse cancel it,sorry!

:iconjeshuamorbus: :iconrainbow000pegasus: :iconxxalvinxx: :icongarfieldxrabbid: :iconhighlittlesky: :iconmovie-man: :icon5friendslotsofcrazy: :iconultopic: :iconfireytika: :iconjdmwanganpichu: :iconpearl170404:


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Tifa-Pumpkin-Queen Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
i sent an angel to watch over you last night but it came back. I asked “why?” The angel said “angels don't watch over angels.” Twenty angels are IN your world. Ten of them are sleeping, nine are playing, one is reading this message. Send this to ten friends including me. I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies, someone you love will quietly surprise you. Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says its over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP Everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain. Send to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard.
Rutogirl Featured By Owner 4 days ago
thats very sweet and kind Tifa but I dont do kind of this taggs things really ^^' sorry :<
but it was nice of you anyway :hug: hope you dont mind, sorry for late replay also.
Tifa-Pumpkin-Queen Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Its fine, I don't do them either, but I was bored, so I did.
Rutogirl Featured By Owner 3 days ago
oh I see ^^
I understand.
KleoKatra96 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
OMG!!!! I found another Zora fan! >w<
Your icon is super kawii BTW!!
Rutogirl Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
Sorry for late reply! Have not been on DA for a while.

It is also nice to see another zora fan as well ! I love zoras :aww:

Thank you,Its old and I made it myself,glad to hear you like it too :thanks:
KleoKatra96 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
Its cool! ^^ I understand how that is!

>w< They were part of my fantasy fascination in my childhood!! I loved playing Link as a Zora in Majora's Mask, and then I had lots of fun playing at Zora's Domain in the Ocarina QWQ

Your welcome! And its still cool! :3
Rutogirl Featured By Owner 4 days ago
(Sorry for the late reply!)
It was so for me too! My sis played her first zelda game on SNES : Legend of Zelda,A Link To The Past- It was the very first zoras we saw and thought they where cute,alltought the Ocarina of time ones where the first being the humanoid ones,I know the animal like zoras have appeared on the two other older zora games before that one,alltought none of us have played them.

Ocarina of time on the N64 was my first zelda game I played,as the other I only watched now and then but never played myself as I was too young. I become more facinated & interessted of the zora race and  Princess Ruto become our first fav zora of all games,but of course I love all kind of zoras it is the best race in the game!

Also it is fun to use her in Hyrule warriors aswell! as I am very happy that they added her in there.

Sadly they destroyed zora Link's swimming in the remake of Majoras mask for 3DS,but his look become better than the orginal N64. I may say, he looks kinda cheap in design of the 3D model,not the art concept (they corrected that in the 3DS) ,but yeah I agree to play as zora link was the best :D
Both me and my sister  all time fav zora from Majoras Mask is Mikau he is the coolest,
and for Twilight princess it is Prince Ralis & his mother Queen Rutela, I just love how they swim it is so hypnotic and beautiful!

I am glad also they added Zoras back to the new game Breath of wild.
as Skyward sword didnt had any zoras at all,but parellas :S

Thank you,glad to hear you think so - yeah my avatar did I make around  2011. ^^
Indiliel Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017
Happy Birthday Little Birthday Gift for Rutogirl: Thoryn by Indiliel =)
Rutogirl Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017
:hug: Thank you alot! And Thank you  for you made my character Thoryn he looks amazing in your style! its a awsome Birthday gift,it made me happier! ^^
He looks very great! :glomp: :D
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